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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
1:23 am

Ewan McGregor on Cover of Details Magazine $1.75 auction - sexy pics and interview inside! also features Christina Ricci

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Sunday, October 27th, 2002
8:26 pm - Scarlet and Black assage...

The quality's not the best, but... :)

I think the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

Click here for the other threeCollapse )

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Saturday, August 17th, 2002
5:12 pm - Cross-posted with my own journal...

...since it's somewhat related to the topic of this community :)

Just set up and all new: The Bound!Ewan Sluts community bound_ewan. Go there to talk about tied!Ewan (and whatever else you do want to do with him ;). All kinds of kinks are welcome :)

*sits back and hopes to get some members* :)

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Friday, June 21st, 2002
11:44 am - Ass Thoughts

I am sitting here considering how I came to be a devotee of The Ass, and I must say after consideration that Velvet Goldmine is a watershed moment in my ass-fancying life, and I suspect it is in the life of any Ewan ass afficionado.

I came to Ewan through TPM, which has an extreme dearth of ass from almost any desirable perspective-- I mean, how many of us really wanted to look at Jar Jar ass? Or eeopie ass? Especially farting eeopie ass? It is not a movie for the discriminating masculine-ass-lover to be fulfilled by. As a person with a keen appreciation for the male ass, and as someone who was immediately distracted by the Towering Sequoia of Sex that is Liam Neeson, it was almost a victory over unbeatable circumstances for me to come to find Ewan attractive, given the thorough and painstaking concealment of the ass in question throughout TPM.

As such, I didn't have much expectation of Ewan's ass, and when I heard of Velvet Goldmine I was underwhelmed and actually resisted seeing it-- until one night when I was bored and lonely and it occurred to me that there were 8 wine coolers in my fridge and my teetotaller parents were going to be driving in to visit me *tomorrow* and would raise all manner of shit upon discovering them. So I said to myself, "OK, I'll go to Blockbuster and get Velvet Goldmine, and drink all those wine coolers while I watch it."

Needless to say, it was a wild evening, and I'm told there are still IRC logs being kept by various witnesses, chronicling my drunken and ill-spelled ASS-HYSTERIA.

Ever since, I have been passionately devoted to Ewan's ass, and have faithfully worked in the cause of increasing the number of its devotees and spreading its ass-tastic beauty to the four winds. Many is the person who has received a DCC'ed JPG of Ewan's ass from me, or of Liam's ass, which is not technically within the province of the ISPEEA but is nevertheless worthy of plenty of attention in its own right.

I am of the firm belief that there should be MORE EWAN ASS SIGHTINGS in this world, and if my humble internet connection and I can do something about the serious lack, then I am here, and willing, and able, and passionate in the cause.

Yours in Ewan!Ass Lurrrrve,

Cara Chapel, a proud founding member of the ISPEEA

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5:38 pm - ass talk

So.. why are you here? Okay, obviously, because you like The Ass. But what I want to know is... tell us what you like about it, or when you first uhm... encountered it . Stuff like that. You get the picture :-)

I've first seen it when cara_chapel mentioned it to me. At that time (a coupla mounths ago) I was new to it and never saw a picture, so she sent me some. And I saw the beauty of it. A few weeks later, I saw "Velvet Goldmine", and yes. I was lost :-)

Also, I really want to spank it. So nice, so round, so vulnerable :)

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
11:49 pm - Grrrr!

It didn't use the right icon. :( Well, I'm tired of fighting this thing when it's only functioning at about 5%. If and when you can actually get LJ to work again, ISPEEA icons can be found at:


Enjoy the Assitude!

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11:43 pm - GIP!

I busted tail all night fighting the free servers to get this icon up here, so I'm bloody well posting it. ;) And if it uses my icon instead of the ISPEEA default, I shall kill someone...

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7:21 pm

Finally! An organization I can definitely get behind! ;)

So, am I the first to volunteer as coach for the team?

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11:51 pm - The Founding

It all started out this afternoon (Central European Time ) in the IRC - Channel #aotc.

It was just me, corilannam and cara_chapel and the innocent line:

[14:54] * Cori would like to found the International Society to Preserve and Enjoy Ewan's Ass.

So we founded it. Cori provided the name, Cara gave me a code and I set it up.

We've planned the annual conferences, and of course, the annual World Cup of Ewan's Ass Spanking and we were set. And yes, we're going to invite Qui to be our first official spanking demonstration team.

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5:23 pm - To get you started :)

... a pic of The Ass. Provided by the lovely cara_chapel. :)

The Ass

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